Northern Precision Ltd start to rebuild after fire

By Northern Precision Ltd
schedule15th Oct 19

On Saturday 31st August Northern Precision Ltd suffered a major fire at their premises in Doncaster. Fortunately, the fire took place late on in the evening when nobody was in the building. The fire took several hours to extinguish, with Northern Precision being handed back the building in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Steve Smith, the Sales Director paid particular gratitude to Doncaster Maintenance who allowed them to set-up in their vacant property opposite their current premises.

“On Monday we checked to find the stock was unaffected. We located the owners of a vacant property opposite and they passed us the keys and told us to get sorted and that they would work things out with us soon. So a massive thank you to Mark Savage and Keith Brierley of Doncaster Maintenance for their incredible generosity.

Before we moved the stock we needed to send the orders that were ready to ship for the first of the month. Then we started to move everything we needed. We will be forever indebted to each and every member of staff and the family and friends who gave up time and other commitments to help us. Nearly 3 weeks later, we have achieved far more than we could have dreamt. The only thing we currently need is a telephone system, which is due to be installed on Monday.”


Since the fire, Northern Precision Ltd got back in contact to give us an update on the situation, saying that;

"We are incredibly pleased that we are now starting the rebuilding process on our building. we know that it will be a long process with many hurdles to overcome, however with what we have faced over the last two months we know that as a company we are more than capable of taking on anything. While our to-do list seems to grow every day, we have also learned so many lessons about how we can improve everything. We need to thank every customer for their understanding and willingness to wait a day or two for us to send parts.”