Introducing the Revolutionary FAST-CON® Fastener System

By Northern Precision Ltd
schedule8th Mar 22

In this article, Northern Precision are introducing a new product - the revolutionary concealed quick assembly and release fastening system - FAST-CON®

FAST-CON® is the new and revolutionary 2 part concealed quick assembly snap on / pull off fastening system.

Practically indestructible, manufactured from 301/303 or 316 stainless steel, resistant to fire and corrosion. The small size and the concealed fixing system make it perfect for all kinds of applications.

FAST-CON® is a patented metal fastening system that allows you to quickly connect panels and coverings by simply pressing and snapping into place; removal is by pulling the panel away.

The FAST-CON® clip system allows for a concealed mechanical fixing, making the union of 2 parts quick and reliable.

FAST-CON® is made of 2 parts, male and female, in stainless steel, with a special profile suitable for quick connection and release. FAST-CON® is installed by screwing, riveting or gluing. The clips have a release force (7kg and 10kg) that varies depending on the series used.

A FAST-CON® stainless steel centre marking device is available to allow perfect hole alignment every time. Application examples: Panelling, false ceilings, boiserie, removable coverings, removable seats, furniture doors, advertising desktop customizations, etc.

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